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Custom Animatronic - Leatherface!


Image of Custom Animatronic - Leatherface!

This is a one off custom animatronic! Built using components from the Original Licensed Leatherface Animatronic sold at Spirit Halloween in 2006. We revamped the prop using pneumatics with all professional grade components and mechanisms inside. Each moving part uses industrial grade pneumatics, bearings, and heim joints for the pivot points. Prop head, hands, and chainsaw are original hard resin with realistic eyes. Upon activation, the prop has a loud chainsaw sound effect with supplied 100W Speaker. Prop torso turns left and right, both arms lift raising the chainsaw as the chainsaw blade spins around. As the torso goes left/right, the head has independent left/right movement to look around also. This would be a great prop for a horror museum, photo op, or even in a scene in your haunt! This is a 1 off animatronic. Prop is pneumatic and requires 100PSI and a standard 110V power. Prop ships freight and is ready to ship. Shipping will be calculated and invoiced after purchasing. **NOTE: TO PURCHASE, PLEASE EMAIL US DIRECTLY AT HALLUCINATIONSCREATIONS@GMAIL.COM**

See video below of inner workings and how we revamped this prop.