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12 Foot Skeleton Talking Skull


Image of 12 Foot Skeleton Talking Skull

The Original Talking 12 Foot Skeleton Skull!! This is a direct replacement skull for the 12 foot Skeleton. Includes an authentic original skull modified with our talking jaw mechanism, 12 volt solenoid valve, Air Regulator, 40 feet of Air line, and 12 volt power adapter. These skulls also have the original LCD Blinking eyes that plug right in.

This skull installs the same exact way as the skull that came with the prop, with the twist and lock coupler.

To operate this skull with audio and to make it talk, you will need to purchase a prop Controller. Theres 2 types on controllers that work great, but you will have to source these direct from the manufacturer. The Picoboo MP3 Controller from Fright Ideas or the Aamon Quadro Controller from Purgatory Props. Check their website for programming instructions, but both of those controllers are super easy to use and program. You will also need a sensor to activate the controller, we reccommend a diffused beam sensor since it is rated for Outdoor use. To make this "talk", you would load your sound into the controller, and tap the output button in sync to the words. This will take a few tries to get perfect, and you will want your adjustable mufflers on the solenoid valve dialed in to give the mechanism a smooth motion. Both controllers have an onboard speaker amplifiers but we reccommend the use of a powered speaker for louder audio.

These are Limited and will only be available in special build batches when we can fit them in our production schedule. We do not build these to order so if this says IN STOCK, they are built and ready to ship!