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Barrel Scare Blaster


Image of Barrel Scare Blaster

Designed to be mounted inside of a 55 gallon barrel, this effect shoots a blast of scented air along with a loud horn! Perfect for a random startle scare in a clown area! Includes a 5 gallon Air Blaster (Same as our Mega Blaster), Scent Sprayer, and Dual Trumpet horn. This also comes with a programmable Aamon Duo Prop controller and diffused beam sensor! The Air blast outlet uses a 3/4" Bung that you can drill and insert to shoot out the side of the 55 gallon barrel.

For scents, we recommend a Scent Cup sold by Froggys Frog. They have a wide variety to choose from.

This comes plug and play and requires 60-80 psi MAX and 110V (Household outlet) *PLEASE ALLOW 3-4 WEEKS FOR PRODUCTION TIME *