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D.I.Y. Starter Package


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Are you new to building your own animated props? Intrigued to get into using pneumatics? Tired of having your retail store animations break? Want to take your haunt to the next level? Feel the satisfaction that you created your own props? This package contains 3 D.I.Y. Mechanisms perfect for any Haunter to really spice up their haunt! Why just get one mechanism when you can get 3 and save!

1 - Prop Jumper Pneumatic Mechanism (Lifts up 20" and out 8")
1 - Forward Attack Pneumatic Mechanism (Shoots out 14" and up 6")
1 - Horizontal Motorized Swivel Mechanism (Swivels side to side 45 Degrees)
2 - Aamon Duo Prop Controller and Diffused Beam Sensor

We chose our 3 easiest to use and effective mechanisms for the person that wants to take their haunt to the next level! If your completely new to pneumatics, this package has EVERYTHING to get you going! Each pneumatic mechanism comes with a controller and sensor, solenoid valve, regulator, speed adjusters, and power adapter. The motorized mechanism comes with power adapter and speed controller. You do not have to source anything else (besides an air compressor).

We chose to include these two specific pneumatic mechanisms so if you're completely new to using pneumatics, these can run off of an inexpensive "pancake" style 6 gallon compressor (around $100). They do not take alot of air or pressure to operate.

All of these mechanisms can be used directly outdoors! Just make sure the controller and power adapter are in a sealed container. A tupper ware style container will work, as long as those components do not get wet. The sensor included with these is waterproof.

The two pneumatic mechanisms come with programmable prop controllers called an AAMON Duo, from Purgatory Props. These can be programmed directly on the unit and Purgatory Props has great instructional videos on their website.

Buying this package does come with a savings of $105 versus buying individually! These mechanisms also fit in a 16x16x24 standard shipping box for reduced shipping rates.

**Please allow 3-4 Weeks for Production Time**