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Ground Breaker Pneumatic Mechanism


Image of Ground Breaker Pneumatic Mechanism

Build your own animated character that lifts itself up and thrashes around! Once activated, The mechanism lifts up side to side and can be programmed to your random movements. We recommend putting pool noodles on the arm bars to build up the arms, a loose shirt and suit jacket for the clothes, and top it off with a foam filled prop head. This can be used to build a zombie coming out of the ground or a character lifting itself out of a crate. Built using heavy gauge steel, reinforced hinges, and heavy duty universal joints for the shoulders. The top bar is removable to be able to slide clothes (the sleeves of a shirt/jacket) over the moving arm bars. This kit is plug and play, you just need to supply clothes, pool noodles for the arms/shoulders and a foam filled prop head.

Requires 110V (household outlet) and at least 50 PSI. Includes: Mechanism, Solenoid Valves, Air Regulator.

Optional Controller/Sensor Add on for $95 additional.

Base Size - 16"x24"