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Hanging Hooked Twitching Mechanism


Image of Hanging Hooked Twitching Mechanism

Make something twitch that looks like it is impaled from a big J Hook! Get creative - You can attach a tentacle, a fish, an arm, or a leg! J Hook measures 16" and Twitching mech measures 22". The J Hook is welded to the twitching mechanism. Includes chain to attach to your ceiling, mechanism with cylinder, 12volt solenoid valve, Adjustable speed mufflers, 12volt power adapter, Air line, and Regulator.

*To self automate this mechanism, we recommend the use of a prop controller. A prop controller is basically a mini computer that will tell the valve to activate once someone walks past the sensor. We are now offering the option to add on an Aamon Duo prop controller + beam sensor and set it up as a plug and play unit for an additional $95. These controllers are super easy to program and can be done in real time with the buttons on the controller. Without the use of a controller, the mechanism will activate only 1 time, once you manually plug the power adapter into an outlet.*

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1 Mechanism Only - $225.00
1 Mechanism with Controller/Sensor - $320.00
Buy 4 and SAVE!
4 Mechanisms with upgraded 4 channel Controller/Sensor - $1,000.00