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Overhead Swiveling Air Blaster

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Image of Overhead Swiveling Air Blaster
  • Image of Overhead Swiveling Air Blaster

Comes as a complete plug and play unit with a controller and trigger for activation. (Use Drop down to choose from PIR Sensor or Step Pad for trigger) Designed to mount on the ceiling over your guests heads. Once Triggering, a fast multi rapid fire shot of air is blasted out creating a super LOUD startle scare along with four BRIGHT 9-watt Red LEDS Flashing in sync with the air blasts! As the Rapid Fire Air blast is happening, the mechanism also swivels causing the air/lights to hit the entire group of guests! Perfect to add in a pitch black hallway adding a startle scare along with a strobe light effect, in a place they will be least expecting! Please allow 3-4 weeks for production time. Requires 100 PSI and 110V household outlet. (Comes with a 5 Gallon Air Reserve tank - not pictured)