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Pneumatic Water Spitter/Mister


Image of Pneumatic Water Spitter/Mister

Our water mister is the only industrialized version on the market! Perfect for having a zombie or skeleton spit at people! Includes: Water Spitter Fitting, Air Line, Water Hose, Solenoid Valve, 12 volt Power Adapter, Quick Connect Air Coupling. To operate, connect to your air compressor and supply 80psi. Place the clear hose in a water container. Plug in the power adapter to an outlet and water will mist out. Average mist length is 6’ of spray. We supply 3’ of water house but for a faster instant spray, you might need to shorten the water hose (so water gets pulled up quicker) To self automate, we recommend using a pico-one controller or an Aamon Duo.