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"PopShot" Handheld Blaster


Image of "PopShot" Handheld Blaster

A handheld Air blaster that shoots a LOUD "Pop" of Air once triggered by your finger. Front piece slides back and forth for an imitation "pumping" action. Requires 100PSI and 110V (Household outlet) Please allow 3-4 Weeks for production time. **NOTE: These are NOT Guns and do not operate nor project anything except air! By purchasing, you understand and agree to below:

-Must be 18+ to order.
-Product must be kept away from Children.
-Product not to be pointed in close proximity to ears. Hearing Damage can occur.
-Product is NOT TO BE USED OUTDOORS and kept away from wet locations.
-Hallucinations Creations Inc. Is not liable for any harm, or bodily injury from use. By purchasing, you understand this is a Novelty device for display use only.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for production time.