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Possessed Table Pneumatic Mechanism


Image of Possessed Table Pneumatic Mechanism

Front, Back, Side to Side!!! This mechanism is designed to lift a table top up and down in random motions as if it was floating! Perfect for a seance or possessed themed room. Frame size 12"x12" - with welded on mounting tabs to secure the wood table top. This mechanism uses heim bearing joints and can be used in any of the 4 axis movements with no binding issues. Each solenoid valve has adjustable speed mufflers to get your desired motion.

Comes ready to run. Requires 110V (household outlet) and 60 PSI.
Includes: Mechanism with cylinders,. Plug and play prewired set up with 4 solenoid valves, Air Regulator, 4 channel Quadro (programmable) controller, Motion Sensor. Use the drop down menu if you want a foot switch to activate the controller instead of the motion sensor, to have an actor trigger it with their foot.

To make this into a prop, you will need to build some type of "pedestal" for the mechanism to sit on and attach to. For the table top, You can use a peice of 1/2" wood cut to any size you choose. We reccommend a distressed table cloth to give it a better floating effect and to hide the mechanism.

Please Allow 3-4 Weeks for Production Time.